Testing Lab & Product Development Services

Lanaco has a world-leading team of product development & engineering specialists and experienced innovators in Chemical Materials, Mechanical Engineering, Bio-Materials, Chemistry, Bio-nanotechnology, Agriculture and Animal Genetics.

As a Centre of Excellence in Respiratory Protection, our HQ has class-leading filter testing equipment to accurately measure and compare filtration performance of materials, as well as filter manufacturing facilities. The German designed and built PALAS test unit (for specifications: PALAS MFP 1000 HEPA) has capability to test using salt-based and oil-based aerosols, which align with stringent workplace respiratory standards.

Our team also provides testing analysis and consulting services on a range of product development and engineering support on (but not limited to):

1. Filtration and filter media

a.  Filter media testing and evaluation

b.  Manufacture and development of custom wool-based electrostatic filter media for particulate & gas removal applications

c.  Development of custom filter media for non-particulate contamination removal, including the addition of other treatments or components to suit various applications.

d.  Manufacturing process development and quality control requirements developed for clients

2. Standards testing and compliance

a.  Filter testing (samples sourced from the market) and evaluation

b.  Pre-qualification testing for standards accreditation (including AS/NZS 1716, EN 143/149, NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84, GB/T 32160-2016, IEC, etc)

c.  Preparing and processing customer samples for external accreditation tests with global testing houses and laboratories, including management of trials, results interpretation, reporting and consulting

3. Product development & conversion

a.  Filter composite laminate development

b.  Engineering of filter to product to maximise customer value proposition

c.  Filter element design and manufacture, using various technologies (including ultrasonic welding, thermal lamination, etc)

d.  Filter conversion, including cutting, roll-slitting, packing, etc

4. Marketing & training

a.  Training seminars on filtration science technology, natural wool story, etc

b.  Marketing assistance (e.g. development of marketing collateral, etc.)

c.  B2B sales technical assistance


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