Astino™ Sheep

Lanaco has developed a premium sheep breed combining Dohne, Finn and Cheviot (the DFC breed) from which it is selecting and further refining to deliver its flagship Astino™ for its premium wool filter products. A specially designed breeding program was established to create wool fibres that are high quality, and with high consistency to deliver superb filtration performance. This also enables an end-to-end solution from farm-to-market to manage the origin and supply chain of the wool products.

"For filtration, we are creating a breeding objective off the DFC breed to deliver the Astino™ DFC, which will deliver what the market needs that will have spin-offs in all parts of the industry." says Nick Davenport (Lanaco CEO & Founder).

Lanaco created and owns the IP and the genetics of the Astino™ DFC sheep breed, which offers extra protection and safe-guards against copycats and sub-standard filter products, making Lanaco’s Filters truly unique and trusted on its scientific performance. 

Andy Ramsden, an award-winning New Zealand farmer and founder of the Headwaters breeding group (and developer of the Highlander breed), is also the key sheep breeder and innovator behind the Astino™ DFC breed.

The breeding objectives of the Astino™ program includes a sheep breed having wool with unique filtration benefits, a target lambing rate significantly greater than the animals it is replacing and market-leading meat characteristics as well as breeding ewe longevity. Astino™ DFC sheep are also good mothers, good milkers and have good fleece.

“The future for farmers is up the value chain. Better returns are a result of aligning breeding and business decisions with the end-product in mind. That means transitioning to a premium brand for animals and products and partnering with a manufacturer that can build a value proposition around the raw material and take the final product direct to high-end consumers the world over. Farmers are critical to the industry and produce arguably the world’s finest meat and fibre.” says Andy Ramsden.


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