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Waire™ -  External Test Results

Lanaco has submitted both its Helix™ Filter material and WAIRE™ P2 Respirator mask to multiple external test houses to gain compliance under various respiratory and health standards. You can see more external test results here>

AS/NZS 1716 for Respiratory Protective Devices

This standard specifies requirements, performance and testing criteria for the manufacture of respiratory protective devices (respirators) intended to provide protection against atmospheres containing substances that may be harmful if breathed and atmospheres that may be deficient in oxygen.

Independent Lab: INSPEC, UK July 2020

Sample Submitted: Lanaco  WAIRE™ P2 Respirator mask

Results: The WAIRE™ P2 performs to a AS/NZS 1716 P2 level (>94% efficiency) and has an incredibly low breathing resistance for improved user comfort (77 Pa average).

Download Final Test Report >

Fitting Instructions

Waire™ - Ready to Wear

Click to download PDF instructions for
mask fitting & removal.
Waire™ - Kitset

Click to download PDF instructions for mask assembly, fitting & removal.

FAQ for Masks

Find out more about masks and caring for them on our FAQ's page.


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