Drop-in Helix.iso™ Filter

What is the HELIX.iso™ Community Mask System

Lanaco is joining with community sewing groups across New Zealand to supply an open source mask design that can be locally produced and fitted with high-performance HELIX.iso™ filters for enhanced protection. We believe the community mask system will help support communities with employment, access to masks and create positive feelings of self-help.

We have provided an open-source mask body pattern designed by HK Mask, which you can download to use when making your masks.

The mask is designed to fit our special HELIX.iso™ and HELIX.iso+™ filters, which you can easily remove to replace when needed, the mask body (outer layers) can be re-used and washed regularly. All contaminated filter elements must be disposed of safely and should not be re-used or washed.

When correctly fitted, your mask containing a HELIX.iso™ or HELIX.iso+™ filters filter will provide excellent protection and comfort to enable prolonged use.

HELIX.iso™ is 50gsm and the HELIX.iso+™ (plus) is 100gsm.

This is not an N95 mask. N95 refers to a safety standard for industrial use.  (N95 is an INDUSTRIAL standard for adults in the workplace).

Find out more about masks and caring for them on our FAQ's page


Lanaco's Community Sewing Partners

Click on any tile/picture below to contact one of our amazing community mask makers who can provide you with a suitable mask to use with a HELIX.iso™ or HELIX.iso+™ filters. There are styles to suit every face and lifestyle. 


Find out more about masks and caring for them on our FAQ's page.

The Free mask template is a community and sewing industry initiative

Download the free DIY mask template below. The template is designed to allow for a filter to be fitted into the finished mask. The mask is designed by HK Mask. The mask pattern and all the instructions including FAQ's are free to download just click below:












How to place your HELIX.iso Filter correctly into your mask 

The smooth side of the filter with printing goes against the face side of your mask. The wool side should be facing out.

Mask Dimensions



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