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Unovent® Home Ventilation Systems Incorporating Helix™ Filter Technology

Ultra-thin Helix™ Filter Media has been released on the market by Lanaco Ltd, a Centre of Innovation & Excellence in Respiratory Filtration, which known as PollenGuard® is incorporated into Unovent® Home Ventilation Systems to remove harmful invisible particles in the home.

The best home ventilation system not only brings dry air into the home to reduce condensation and moisture build-up, (which in turn helps to prevent rot, mould & mildew from forming major causes of asthma & allergies) but also has minimum energy and running costs.

This is achieved with a well-designed built-in filter system, capturing small harmful airborne particles all-year round.

Benefits of Unovent® PollenGuard® Helix™ Filter Media include:

  • Air filtration of small particles
    • e.g. Pollen, dust, germs, smog, spores, PM2.5, etc
  • Extremely easy for air to flow through
  • Ultra-thin & light
  • Produced in New Zealand
  • Retrofits and upgrades into existing Unovent® systems
  • Simple to fit, no experts required


With in-coming air, the filter system captures and holds invisible airborne particles, so to ensure a safer, healthier home for your family all-year round, the specially designed PollenGuard® filters should be replaced regularly.

“The Unovent® PollenGuard® adaptation of the Helix™ Filter Media aligns perfectly with the game-changing innovation which Unovent® is widely known for”
– Unovent CEO & Founder John Wadsworth

“Helix™ Filter Media has been scientifically tested and developed to meet the highest standards in respiratory protection”
– Lanaco CEO & Founder Nick Davenport


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