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Did you know that indoor pollutant levels are generally 2 to 5 times greater than outdoor pollutant levels according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?

EPA ranks indoor air quality as a Top 5 environmental risk to public health, as poor ventilation, burning of candles, use of air fresheners, chemical laden household cleaners, etc. all add more contaminants to indoor spaces. Common indoor pollutants include:

  • Biological such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, dust mites, animal dander, legionella, and pollen
  • Particulate such as drywall dust, wood dust, dirt, oils, ash, silica from cutting, drilling, or sanding of concrete
  • Chemicals from accidental spills, construction products and byproducts of combustion such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide

Filters are vital in ventilation systems to supply safe, clean air for indoor spaces, including your home, offices, cars, trains, airplanes and even spacecrafts.

Lanaco supplies specially designed Helix™ and Alpuro™ Filters that remove and reduce different types of particulate contaminants found indoors.

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Case Sudy 1:

Unovent® Home Ventilation Systems Incorporating Helix™ Filter Technology

Ultra-thin Helix™ Filter Media has been released on the market by Lanaco Ltd, a Centre of Innovation & Excellence in Respiratory Filtration, which known as PollenGuard® is incorporated into Unovent® Home Ventilation Systems to remove harmful invisible particles in the home.

The Unovent® home ventilation system not only brings dry air into the home to reduce condensation and moisture build-up (which in turn helps to prevent rot, mould & mildew from forming major causes of asthma & allergies), but also has minimum energy and running costs.

This is achieved with a well-designed built-in filter system, capturing small harmful airborne particles all year round. With in-coming air, the filter system captures and holds invisible airborne particles, to ensure a safer, healthier home for your family all year round. The specially designed PollenGuard® filters should be replaced regularly.

“The Unovent® PollenGuard® adaptation of the Helix™ Filter Media aligns perfectly with the game-changing innovation which Unovent® is widely known for” says John Wadsworth (Unovent CEO & Founder)


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