Many household appliances rely on air filters to keep indoor spaces clean and safe, such as vacuum cleaners, home air purifiers and rangehoods. Regular replacement of filters over time will ensure clean, healthy air in the home and also improve the life span of the componentry in the appliance. 

Cooking, especially frying, creates a huge amount of indoor pollutants - roughly 3 trillion particles per minute are emitted while cooking. Rangehoods require filters to capture these particles and it is important to regularly clean or replace the filters to ensure continued efficient use.

Pollen is another common indoor pollutant that can exist all-year round, not just in spring season. Home filter systems such home air purifiers actively clean the air and reduce the spread of allergen-causing pollen particles.

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Lanaco’s Helix™ and Alpuro™ Filter Technologies are designed to capture and hold more particles inside the filter-matrix, translating to a better loading capacity. Some of Lanaco’s wool filter recipes are specifically developed to capture and retain grease-based particles, reducing grease build-up in the kitchen and/or ducting. The wool fibre in Lanaco’s Filter Media is also naturally fire retardant meaning it cannot sustain a flame. These filter attributes help to proactively lower indoor fire risks, whilst filtering the air for a safer home.

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IARC Monographs: High-temperature frying


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