Our Team

Nick Davenport (NZCE Mech Eng, Dip BIA, MBA)
Chief Executive Officer
Nick is a materials applications scientist and CEO of Lanaco, which he founded following many successful years heading up materials company Nexus Foams Ltd. Nick has 30 years experience in product innovation and entrepreneurialism with fibre and polymer materials for industrial applications.

Adrian Barker (Dip Wool Tech, MBA)
Head of Commercial & IP
Adrian brings a wealth of practical experience in operations, marketing and general management and combines this with a solid grounding in wool technology to add value to the commercialisation of Lanaco technology.

Andy Ramsden
Head of Farming Operations
Andy heads Lanaco's farm-linked operations, breeding programme, control of breeding objectives, fibre supply chain quality and supplier relations. He brings an experienced hands-on approach to give Lanaco a mutually clear pathway of communications between producer, processor, scientist, manufacturer and end user.

Dr. Sam Yu (BSc Hons, PhD, Professorship)
Head of Business & Marketing
Sam has a successful track record as an entrepreneur and senior manager, taking ideas from concept to global markets. His multi-disciplinary background in innovation, sales and marketing, combined with his tenacity and ability to see the big picture, makes him a valuable contributor to our ongoing business development.

Dr. Shaun Tan (BE Hons, PhD)
Head of Technology
Prior to joining Lanaco, Shaun completed his PhD thesis on self-healing composite materials at the Centre for Advanced Composite Materials based in the University of Auckland. He has a strong interest in technology commercialisation and has been heavily involved in the Spark entrepreneurship program at the University of Auckland for several years.

Tony Moffat 
Head of Operations
Tony has more than 20 years experience in management and leadership roles in agri-business with companies of the calibre of Livestock Improvement Corporation, Seales Winslow and Lincoln University. Tony has gained experience and honed well developed skills in manufacturing operations, procurement, logistics and relationship management and leverages his strong networks to achieve top results.

Sonja Jekel (BE Hons)
Product Development Engineer
With her materials engineering based background, Sonja brings together the scientific findings of Lanaco technology to create and enhance products and processes.

Matthew Lie (BE Hons, ME Hons)
Product Development Engineer
Matthew utilises his strong research experience and practical engineering skills to contribute to the development and improvement of processes and products using Lanaco technology.

Wayne Bennett 
Plant Manager
With more than 33 years of experience processing wool fibre and yarn into carpets, Wayne brings a wealth of process expertise to the Lanaco team.

Denzell Bennett 
Plant Operator
Denzell brings experience and know-how from previous yarn and carpet plant processes to the Lanaco team.


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