Helix™ Filter

HELIX™ Filter Technology: World-Leading Filter Technology

Lanaco has created the world's most breathable, multi-functional air filter media for respiratory protection devices.

HELIX™ Filter Media is manufactured in New Zealand from specially selected flocks that have been bred to produce a unique grade of wool fibre. In addition to providing a high degree of protection from airborne particles, pollutants and bacteria, our proprietary filters are made from a natural, sustainable product. You could say it is the only air filter that does not contribute to the problem it is solving.


HELIX™ Filter Media Synthetic Filter Media
Derived from naturally grown wool Derived from petrochemicals
Performance from nature's chemistry Performance from manufactured ingredients
Easy to breathe through - low energy requirements Difficult to breathe through - higher energy requirements
Feels dry when exposed to water vapour Water droplets accumulate on surface
Keeps user warm in winter Thin with no insulating effect
Stops bacterial growth Allows bacterial growth
Reduces dangerous gases in air Allows dangerous gases to enter


The Science behind HELIX™ Filter Technology

The research behind the HELIX™ Filter Media program blends decades of scientific research from Australasian organisations with new science and distils this capability into new natural materials technology.

Wool is one of the most moisture-absorbing and breathable natural fibres. HELIX™ Filter Media harnesses the alpha helix DNA molecule that is embedded in wool and provides functionalities such as moisture-absorbing properties and breathability. This addresses a key problem with filtration performance – the presence of moisture in the gas stream that leads to increased weight and dust-caking. As the pores become blocked, performance and breathing capacity are both reduced.

HELIX™ Filter Media has an ‘active’ wool fibre matrix that uses the fibres’ naturally occurring biological properties to manage water and keep the filter drier and performing at optimum levels for longer.


Many Applications, Many Benefits

HELIX™ Filter Media is ideal for any application where purified air is important.

Face masks
Air purifiers
Automotive filters
Household appliances
Medical devices

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