Anti-Pollution Masks

HelixTM Filter Media in the MEOTM Mask

In collaboration with the creators of ‘The World’s Most Innovative Antipollution Mask’, the MEOTM mask and with leading fashion designer, Karen Walker, HelixTM Filter Media has been specifically designed and developed for efficient capture of micron sized airborne particles (e.g. PM2.5 particles) and superior comfort to breathe through. 

HelixTM Filter Media is scientifically developed and manufactured in New Zealand combined with the science of the DNA genetics from specially selected sheep flocks that have been bred in NZ to produce a truly unique and high performing wool fibre.

The Science Behind Helix™ Filter Media

The research behind Lanaco and HelixTM Filter Media combines over 150 years of sheep farming history and decades of scientific research from New Zealand and Australasian organizations to create the science and innovation capability in the new natural materials technology and make Lanaco a Centre of Innovation & Excellence in Respiratory Filtration in the world stage.

“HelixTM Filter Media has been scientifically tested and developed to meet the highest standards in respiratory protection” – Lanaco CEO & Founder Mr. Nick Davenport

The functionalities of the filter material are derived from the alpha helical molecule in the wool fibre, which has evolved over centuries to protect the animal (sheep) in the high-country from harsh environments, and now has been extracted and harnessed by Lanaco to protect human health.

Functionalities include:

High performing air filtration of PM2.5 particles
Moisture absorbing and releasing properties
Extreme ease to breathe through

Video (English)

Video (Chinese)

HelixTM Filter Media Synthetic Filter Media
Derived from naturally grown wool Derived from petrochemicals
Performance from nature's chemistry Performance from manufactured ingredients
Easy to breathe through - low energy requirements Difficult to breathe through - higher energy requirements
Feels dry when exposed to water vapour Water droplets accumulate on surface
Keeps user warm in winter Thin with no insulating effect
Stops bacterial growth Allows bacterial growth
Reduces dangerous gases in air Allows dangerous gases to enter



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